GosickS I Illustration Guide

If you’re making an ebook for your personal use or have physical copies, here’s a general guide to the novel illustrations (subject to change when I find new magazine illustrations). Spoilers ahead.

The numbers in [] indicate subchapter locations. Text in () is a short quote from whichever scene in the subchapter that seems like the closest match to the scene depicted in the illustration.

Text boxes in color pages are read from right to left.

color page 1
text: GosickS

color page 2 [1.3]
text: It was a marvelous doll, close to life-sized.

color page 3 [1.3 cont.]
text: It wore a black dress with plush velvet frills in countless layers, like a small, unearthly flower blooming at dusk.

Suddenly, the doll—no, the girl, opened her mouth.

“So, it wasn’t enough that you were late to class, but on top of that, you’ve decided to come play truant in the library?”

color page 4 [4.3]
text: “Do you get it now? There was never a girl in the conservatory. But I did find that doll. It’s the work of the 19th century German dollmaker Grafenstein.

He made a deal with the devil so he could give his dolls souls.”

Kazuya was stunned.

Victorique… doesn’t exist…? That can’t be…. Victorique … is real!

b/w illustration 1 (…A doll smoking a pipe?!)

b/w illustration 2 (Seemingly enchanted by the unusual taste and shape, she grabbed the candies with her tiny hand and rapturously shoved them into her mouth, chewing with gusto.)

b/w illustration 3 (Avril smiled and nodded, then went on to tell the teacher how much she was enjoying the school.)

b/w illustration 4 (Kazuya hurriedly chased after Victorique, who was swiftly flying away, like a bird emblazoned in white and pink, in ribbons and in lace.)

Fantasia Battle Royale 2004/08 chapter 3 frontispiece

b/w illustration 5 (Victorique abruptly stood up, carelessly deposited the book into Kazuya’s lap, and walked away without saying a word.)

b/w illustration 6 (Kazuya was still not quite sure of how best to approach her, but before he could ask her about the case, the sight of something tucked under her arm caught his eye.)

b/w illustration 7 (As he keeled over in agony, from the corner of his eye he observed Victorique extending her hand for a second helping, as if she’d found the karintou to her liking.)

b/w illustration 8 (Inspector de Blois swung his head over his shoulder. The tip of his drill nearly stabbed Kazuya’s forehead, forcing him to hastily duck.)

b/w illustration 9 (Cuiaran grabbed Kazuya by his neck and squeezed with tremendous force.)

b/w illustration 10 (Kazuya quickly drew a pail of water and returned to wash Victorique’s hands, despite her attempts to pull away.)

b/w illustration 11 — pony puzzle

[Prelude 3]
b/w illustration 12 (She laid her eyes upon mountains of books stacked high in immense numbers.)

[Prelude 5]
b/w illustration 13 (An exquisite porcelain doll—no, a tiny, beautiful girl, enveloped in frills, lace, and calico ribbons—sat inside, a highly aggrieved frown creasing her face.)

[Prelude 8]
b/w illustration 14 (Cécile opened the door, stood Kazuya in front of the classroom, and introduced the new foreign student to the rest of the pupils.)


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