Gosick II

(update log) completed 24 Aug 2013.
Next up, Gosick III.

(if you are reading Gosick for the first time, please take a look at the about page for some notes on the series timeline, the difference between GosickS and Gosick, and other background information about the series. [updated periodically])

Gosick II — the crime without a name

author: Kazuki SAKURABA
illustrator: Hinata TAKEDA

table of contents:

prologue — I am not a criminal

chapter one — Victorique de Blois is a Grey Wolf (one, two, three, four)

monologue one

chapter two — the squirrel in the hatbox (one, two, three)

monologue two

chapter three — Cordelia’s daughter (one, two, three)

monologue three

chapter four — red turnip lanterns and the Winter Man (one, two)

monologue four

chapter five — a secret sleeps in the forest (one, two, three, four, five, six, seven)

monologue five (one, two, three)

chapter six — the golden butterfly (one, two, three, four)

epilogue — friends



7 Responses to Gosick II

  1. anmisto says:

    Thank You So much for this.

  2. Astaim says:

    Just commenting to thank you for the translation and let you know that i really apreciate it.
    On a side note: Do you have any plans on making pdfs for the volumes that are already translated? I’ve never made one but i’m willing to look it up and help if needed or maybe i could edit the illustrations if they have text that need changed from japanese to english.

    • agrifolia says:

      Thanks. I’ll probably make PDFs at some point, but I still want to do more editing, so not yet.

      There isn’t really any need to edit illustrations. I’m not going to include the ones that were printed in the novels because I hope everyone would buy the physical copies. Eventually, I’ll upload the illustrations that weren’t reprinted in the novels. The ones used as frontispieces just have promo blurbs on them and I don’t think it’s really necessary to edit them into English. I would include a caption underneath if necessary. The rest don’t have any text.

      • Astaim says:

        Ahh i see… Do you know where i could get the pysical copies and have them delivered? We are talking about the original japanese light novels, right?
        Anyways…if at some point you think you may need help my offer is still up.

        • agrifolia says:

          I provided links to some online stores near the bottom of the about page. Not all of them may have the books in stock, but you can check, or google around for one that suits your needs.
          I refer to the original Japanese editions.

  3. DDR says:

    thank you very much

  4. Oreki Houtarou says:

    Sent ya a email! Thanks for the work!

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