Gosick I Illustration Guide

If you’re making an ebook for your personal use or have physical copies, here’s a general guide to the novel illustrations. Spoilers ahead.

The numbers in [] indicate subchapter locations. Text in () is a short quote from whichever scene in the subchapter that seems like the closest match to the scene depicted in the illustration.

b/w illustration 1 (Avril, undaunted by Kazuya’s avuncular non-response, raised her voice in preparation for the clincher.)

b/w illustration 2 (Victorique opened her mouth wide in a yawn of sincere boredom, extended out both of her thin arms like the stretch of a sluggish cat, and said, “Oh, so that’s how it is.” And then she yawned again.)

b/w illustration 3 (They seemed to be the last passengers, and the ship soon cast off, moving in time with the sound of the waves.)

b/w illustration 4 (Kazuya screamed, helpless but to watch the men disappear to the bottom of the sea.)

b/w illustration 5 (Then Julie Guile jumped out of her seat and stood in front of Maurice. “What’s that supposed to mean?”)

b/w illustration 6 (“Ugh…” Victorique moaned, then reluctantly climbed onto Kazuya’s back.)

b/w illustration 7 (The door quietly opened.)

b/w illustration 8 (They stood by each other, watching the scenery.)

b/w illustration 9 (She threw the pendant into the air.)

[epilogue 2]
b/w illustration 10 (Then her small head suddenly fell forward onto him.)


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