Currently working on Gosick II. I hope to work on all thirteen novels in chronological order if my time, ability, and level of enthusiasm permit.

I’m a native speaker of English, but not of Japanese, and I’m an amateur at translation. I can’t guarantee there won’t be mistakes, but I’ll try my best. Consider the translations here to be a work in progress and subject to silent revisions when I think of better ways to word things or find errors that need fixing. So please do not copy or host these translations elsewhere, because I want to keep control over them in case I need to make modifications.

Also, please don’t use this translation as the sole basis for any re-translation into another language. It’s inevitable for nuance to be lost when translating from one language to another, and repeating the process into a third language without referring to the original will only amplify any distortions.

If you want to get in touch with me, please contact me at contactme, or leave a message on this blog. But I must warn you that I’m not very good at timely correspondence. I apologize in advance for any delays in replying.

I’m not making any money off of this. If you see ads, they were put there by WordPress.com, and I don’t feel like paying the $30/year it would take for them to stop. (Besides, I’ve already spent enough money on my Gosick collection.)

The Gosick novels take place chronologically in this order:

GosickS I > Gosick I > Gosick II > Gosick III > Gosick IV > GosickS II > Gosick V > Gosick VI > GosickS III > Gosick VII > GosickS IV > Gosick VIIIa > Gosick VIIIb

However, the publishing order is a little different:
Gosick I > Gosick II > Gosick II > Gosick IV > GosickS I > Gosick V > GosickS II > Gosick VI > GosickS III > (four year hiatus) > Gosick VII > GosickS IV > Gosick VIIIa > Gosick VIIIb

The GosickS series is nominally a set of short story collections, but it isn’t really the case. They are more like a set of interrelated vignettes that focus on slice-of-life and minor brain teasers rather than a single major mystery plot as in the main Gosick series. The chapters in GosickS are written in chronological order, the exception to this being the Prelude at the end of GosickS I, which takes place two years prior to the rest of the chapters in that volume. I recommend reading the chapters in order from beginning to end in any given volume as you would in a normal novel.

In GosickS, you may notice some repetition in the introductions to each chapter. This is because the stories contained in GosickS were originally serialized in magazines and had to accommodate any new readers who happened to read an individual chapter without prior knowledge of the series, unlike the Gosick books which were released as full-length novels and thus could square away most background info in the first chapter.

Since GosickS takes place within the main continuity of the Gosick series, filling in the gaps between cases and providing backstory, I consider the two sets of books to be a single unified series.

As you will see from the list below, the novel continuity was chopped up and rearranged for the sake of the anime and manga adaptations. The books correspond to the following episodes and chapters:

novel: anime: manga
GosickS I: 4, 5: 1-5, 13, 28
Gosick I: 1-3: 6-12
Gosick II: 6-8: 16-21
Gosick III: 9, 10: n/a
Gosick IV: 13-15: 22-26
GosickS II: 12: 14-15
Gosick V: 16, 17: n/a
Gosick VI: 18*: n/a
GosickS III: n/a: 27
Gosick VII: 19-21: n/a
GosickS IV: 11: n/a
Gosick VIIIa: 23: n/a
Gosick VIIIb: 24: n/a

The events of episode 22 are very different from how certain events occurred in the novels, so I won’t include it in the list above. GosickS III doesn’t appear in the anime at all, and the manga stopped short of adapting most of the novels. Chapter 28 of the manga is loosely based on the prelude of GosickS I, but is mostly original. Gosick VI was very, very loosely adapted as episode 18, but there were so many changes made that even the director called it an anime original. Likewise for episodes 23-24; a few scenes came from volumes VIIIa-b, but those books weren’t completed at the time of production, so most of the last arc of the anime is original.

For the books that were adapted to anime, many changes were made, both obvious and subtle ones. The differences in characterization between the novels and anime are sometimes so great that I would prefer to think of the characters in the anime as different people whose personalities are only inspired by the individuals of the same name in the novels.

GosickS I-III and Gosick I-VI were published originally by Fujimi Shobo in light novel format with illustrations, while GosickS IV and Gosick VII-VIIIb were published after a several year hiatus and never had illustrations attached to them. The entire series is currently available from Kadokawa Bunko in “regular” novel form without illustrations, and illustrated editions of GosickS I-III and Gosick I-VI have also been reprinted under the imprint of Kadokawa Beans Bunko. So you could say that Gosick is simultaneously a light novel series and a series of mainstream novels.

For the record, my translation is based off of the Beans Bunko edition rather than the Fujimi Mystery Bunko edition. The Beans edition made minor changes here and there to fix typos and continuity errors present in the first editions. But if there’s any text information present in the original editions that ended up getting removed later on, and still seems worth leaving in, then I’ll include it. The same goes for material added in the Kadokawa Bunko edition.

I won’t be reproducing the novel illustrations here because I hope to encourage readers to buy the books themselves and support the author. There are some scans floating around of the first Fujimi Shobo editions, but these lack some of the additional illustrations that were included in the Kadokawa Beans Bunko reprints. You can order them from Yesasia or any Japanese bookstore (Honto [requires some basic Japanese knowledge to navigate the website], CDJapan, Kinokuniya, Rakuten, etc).

However, at some point I do plan on making available some illustrations that never made it into the bunko editions. I was only able to find these by buying back issues of Fantasia Battle Royale and the limited-edition illustration book “Gosick~Petit musée de l’art~” and scanning them myself. Otherwise there’d be no other way for anyone to see them, as these were published only once and are now out of print. (I don’t know much about scanning or cleaning, so my apologies if my scans are ugly. Suggestions on improving them are welcome if you have any.)

If you do find scans of the illustrations online or if you buy the novels, keep in mind that the covers and front color illustrations mostly come from the imagination of the illustrator Hinata Takeda, and apart from a few exceptions, are mainly just inspired by the content of each novel rather than actually corresponding to any specific scenes. The monochrome illustrations, on the other hand, do depict actual canonical scenes for the most part (aside from monochrome frontispieces, which tend to resemble collages).


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  1. hyper says:

    Thank you for working on this! I hope you can keep this up.

  2. chally298 says:

    Thanks so much for translating this!

  3. ikakomori says:

    awesome stuff. always wanted to read this.

  4. wereborg says:

    i just noticed that there are translation for gosick here. Wow, thanks very much, i really wanted to read the novel ! :D

  5. Caminante says:

    Thanks a lot!
    I didn’t know the whereabouts of the timeline.
    Thanks a lot, again!

  6. zensunni42 says:

    Thanks so much for doing this! If you need any help with editing, moral support, caffeine supplements, ear to chew, etc… Just contact me! I want to read these books SOOOOO BADLY!!!!!

  7. anonP says:

    Thank you very much for doing this. I loved this show so much while it aired and I even bothered buying the first volume tokyopop published.
    I hope to own the whole novel series someday, but i’d rather wait until I could read it and understand. How difficult would you say it is to read?
    Anyways thank you again and I look forward to seeing the translated version as well.

    • agrifolia says:

      I found it easier to read than some light novels written in modern settings that include a lot of current slang, or sci-fi novels that involve a lot of specialized terminology. Some of the later volumes that spend more time on Sauville’s political intrigues have somewhat more difficult vocabulary, and mostly dispense with furigana. If you can read manga without furigana, then you can probably read this series too.

  8. Astaim says:

    Just found out about this… Keep up the good work… I’m glad somebody is willing to translate this novels

  9. Keneteu says:

    Finished the show yesterday, when I found out that this was inspired from a LN, I searched everywhere to find a english translation of the LN. thanks a lot for working on it, you have all my support.

  10. Yamaguchi says:

    thank you for translating GOSICK. I’ve hopelessly looked everywhere for translation of this novel, but finally I found your site.


  11. Victorique says:

    I emailed you, wondering if you needed any help with the translations…

  12. Just an anon says:

    Fantastic to see you working on this! Not only do you seem to be updating regularly, but your translations are actually readable and well written, unlike a lot of other LN translation projects. When I first watched the anime I was annoyed to find that no translations exist beyond the first volume, but it looks like since that time you’ve started doing it yourself. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the good work, since there are a lot of Gosick fans who probably appreciate it, and I’ve seen far too many good translation projects die off before completion. Will be checking in on it in the future.

  13. Manga2x says:

    Thank you for your translation!
    How I wish Tokyopop continue their Gosick.
    I bought Tokyopop vol 1 & 2.
    I hope someday, some publisher will print Gosick.

  14. Shman says:

    Awesome work man!! Are you still going to translate the rest? Do you need help?

  15. Dex says:

    Excellent work!

    Just curious, though. Is there any specific reason why this translation isn’t affiliated with any larger translation group/wiki/thing like Baka-Tsuki?

  16. Red Spring Reaper says:

    wow you are awesome I have looked for the gosick light novels translated everywhere and thanks to you here they are! keep the good work! do you accept donations?

    • agrifolia says:

      Thanks. I’d prefer it if you spent your money on buying copies of the novels, manga, or any other officially licensed merchandise. I started this project just as a personal hobby, and I think it should stay that way.

  17. Conventrix says:

    Keep it up, I’m glad to be able to read the LN’s for a series I really enjoyed. I’d offer to help but well, if my Japanese was good enough to help I would be reading the raw haha. Also I had a question, does the ending in the LN differ from the Anime at all? Does it clarify any *ahem* “hints” such as the interesting choice of dress in the very end?

    • agrifolia says:

      Hi, thanks for reading. The very last scene in the anime is a shortened version of the last scene in vol. VIIIb before the epilogue. But most of the scenes in episodes 22-24 were written for the anime and different from what happened in the novels (particularly ep. 22). This is partly due to the fact that the author hadn’t finished writing vols. VIIIa-b by the time those episodes went into production, and also because there wasn’t enough time to cover everything that happened. The entire anime suffered from this time compression; two cours just isn’t long enough to fully cover 13 novels.

      I tried to figure out a way to hide spoilers in WordPress.com comments, but there doesn’t seem to be any, so I’ll just come out with it: the director made that scene deliberately ambiguous, but it hints at something canonical in the the last novel’s ending. If you’re referring to what I think you are, then your assumption is correct.

  18. Jon says:

    Hello, I loved your work to bring this work to the English … Well, I wanted to ask permission to use your work and take it to the Spanish… I wonder if you could…? I am waiting for your reply and the great work you do. They are not flattering, I really appreciate it.

  19. Dante says:

    Thank You.

  20. Rens says:

    Thanks soo much!!!!!I waiting for the next vol!!Great Job

  21. thank you for all your efforts!
    please keep up the good work!

    ps i’m italian so i’m sorry if my english is a little strange…

  22. Julie says:

    thank you soooo much! I was searching for a good translation….and I just found your work! keep the great job and thank you again^^

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