Gosick II – Monologue 3

I awoke at midnight, sensing a presence.

In the manor, there was no sound but the strange echoing of the wind blowing faintly outside my window.

I carefully approached the door to my room, and listened.

“…So, in the middle of the festival…”

Someone was speaking softly. I heard the low voices of men from down the hallway.

“None of the villagers will notice….”

“…Yeah. No way he’ll notice, either….”

The men spoke in hushed tones.

“Move it in the car. If we can make it down the mountain to the town, the car’s parked there.”

Anger bubbled up inside of me.

I had a feeling that something like that was going on, but now I knew for sure.

The men went on discussing their plans for tomorrow, never once suspecting that someone could be listening in.

“Do it during the festival and the villagers won’t even notice. The church’ll be empty sometime tomorrow.”

“We’ll go down the mountain. And then…”

And then…?

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