Gosick II – Monologue 2

We ascended a rugged mountain.

The road was steep, and the carriage so swung wildly from side to side that it startled me. Light rain continued to fall. Hardly anyone spoke inside the carriage; the only sound came from the turning of the wheels.

That tiny girl opened the window.

Her companion, an Oriental boy—Kazuya Kujou—stared at her profile, worry in his eyes.

Watching the way he reacted to her slightest movement brought a smile to my face. And yet they also seemed to argue at the drop of a hat. An adult would immediately be able to tell how close they were, but these children probably didn’t realize it themselves.

The carriage swayed.

Outside the window, I could see nothing but a line of trees, their tangled branches parched white. I felt myself getting dizzy at the sight.

But I had to keep going.

I had no choice but to go to that village.


My eyes drifted over to the girl’s face.

Her green eyes were as clear as the tropical seas, so unlike this dark forest at the mercy of the elements.

I glanced at the boy’s face.

His jet black eyes stared straight at the girl. He seemed kind, but I could sense stubbornness in the set of his jaw.

They didn’t know.

The true aims of their fellow passengers.

They knew nothing at all!

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One Response to Gosick II – Monologue 2

  1. Karen says:

    Hmm… Who wants to be they’re bad guys then? XD And thank you for the quick release!

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