Gosick I – Monologue 1

I was cold and hungry.

Sauvure was supposed to be a wealthy country, but to the orphans who huddled in downtown alleyways, it was no better than an icy forest.

It had been three days since I left the orphanage. I survived on what little I was able to fish out of the garbage, or from what I stole, but I wouldn’t be able to live like this for much longer.


One day, I felt an adult hand suddenly grab me roughly by the shoulder, and lift me into the air.

They finally found me, I said to myself. They’re taking me back to the orphanage. But I didn’t have the strength to resist.

They threw me into a carriage sealed with iron bars.

Almost like a cage for an animal, I thought.

It was dark inside, but my eyes were used to dim light, and I could make out the shapes of several other children who were in the cage with me. They all wore rags, and shivered from the cold. Most of them were boys, but there were a few girls, too.

The carriage took off. I heard the muffled sound of horse hooves pounding the ground.

The man who grabbed me earlier spoke to the coachman. There were two men, and they were discussing something.

“I located a Sauvurean child.”

“Any living relatives?”

“Nah, it’s probably an orphan. No one will bother looking for it. We won’t have any problems.”

…What are they talking about? I couldn’t help straining my ears to listen.

“Where to next?”

“Hmm… There’s still two more. We should be finishing up soon.”

“Piece of cake.”

It was unbearably cold, and I had to cling to the children next to me to stay warm.

The carriage shook from side to side.

Where could they be taking us…?

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